About Us

We’re Ascendr. We make software to make your work easier.

Who are Ascendr?

We’ve lived through the pain of poor onboarding,
so you don’t have to

Why we’re here

Ascendr exist to solve the problems we’ve experienced through years in Customer Success and Onboarding

How we do it

We figure out what’s painful about the onboarding experience, both from the customer and the companies’ perspectives

What we do

Our team create beautiful and easy to use software that empowers CSMs, onboarding consultants, and systems analysts

14 years experience in implementing software
200+implementations delivered
2600+hours spent on developing Ascendr for MVP alone

Ascendr Limited: Innovative software solutions for Customer Success Managers. Lead by experts and backed by investors. Launched Q1 2023.

Ascendr Limited was founded by Richard, Nathan, and Darren, three experienced software professionals who have been working together for years. The team, who have been implementing software applications since 2009, bring a wealth of expertise in areas such as Business Intelligence, Professional Services Automation, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Automated Software Testing.

The team at Ascendr has long struggled with using generic task management tools like Asana and Monday.com, as well as spreadsheets, to track progress and deliverables throughout their projects. Consolidating data from multiple sources to get a clear overview of progress and risks was time-consuming and inefficient.

That’s why the team at Ascendr decided to create a better solution. Their new product, launched in Q1 2023, is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, specifically for customer success managers looking to onboard their customers without the challenges they have faced in the past. The platform will focus on reducing the time and effort required for onboarding, and will eventually incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience.

In addition to the product, the team at Ascendr is committed to sharing their expertise with customers and aspiring customer success managers. Through training and support, they aim to provide opportunities for others to thrive in the industry and succeed in their own projects.

Backed by external investors who believe in the team’s vision, Ascendr is poised to make a big impact in the world of software implementation.