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Pain Points to Purchase: Decoding the True Motives Behind Every Buy

Explore insights from a conversation between Richard Convery of Ascendr and Paul Nakata of Abbot on B2B SaaS onboarding. Dive into the importance of understanding a customer’s ‘why’ behind purchases and the role of genuine connections in addressing pain points. Discover how onboarding sets the stage for lasting success in the SaaS landscape.

Navigating the Customer Onboarding Maturity Curve: A Guide for Customer Success Leaders

Join us on a journey through the Onboarding Maturity Curve! This video is a must-watch for Customer Success Leaders looking to level up their onboarding strategies. We’ll take you from reactive to proactive, showing you how to automate without losing that personal touch, and how to really articulate the value of your product. Plus, we’ll tackle the challenge of centralised reporting. Ready to revolutionise your onboarding process?