Navigating the Customer Onboarding Maturity Curve: A Guide for Customer Success Leaders

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Welcome to your guide to mastering customer onboarding in the B2B SaaS world. This article will take you on a journey through the Customer Onboarding Maturity Curve, offering insights to help you transform your strategies and achieve unparalleled customer success.

The Customer Onboarding Maturity Curve: From Ad Hoc to Proactive

The Customer Onboarding Maturity Curve is a spectrum that ranges from ad hoc to proactive approaches. On the far left, we find the ad hoc approach. This is where things are a bit chaotic. There’s a lack of project management and experience expectation management. The customer onboarding process from sales might be poor or even nonexistent. The result? Every customer, regardless of their size, tier, upsell opportunity, or industry, receives the same customer onboarding experience.

But don’t worry! There’s a better way to do things. As we move to the right of the curve, we encounter the proactive approach. This is where we at Ascendr believe the magic truly happens.

Ascendr Customer Onboarding Maturity Curve

Proactive Customer Onboarding: The Magic Happens Here

In a proactive onboarding process, customers can log in and see real-time updates on their implementation. This approach is particularly applicable to high touch customer onboarding. Customers can get real-time updates, communicate across platforms, and even have embedded workflows into the core application.

The goal here is to automate as much as possible without losing the personal touch. Automated sequences and workflows can present information to the customer at the right time, whether it’s asking for information or educating them.

The Value of Articulation

However, automation isn’t the only key to a successful customer onboarding process. It’s equally important for teams to articulate the value of the product, not just its features and functionality. After all, customers purchase your application to solve a problem – that’s the real value. Therefore, ensuring your teams can articulate this value is crucial.

Centralised Reporting: The Key to Holistic View

Finally, centralised reporting is a key component of a mature customer onboarding process. With so many different systems in play, it’s crucial to view all information holistically. Your Customer Success Managers, Customer Onboarding Consultants, and Implementation Consultants should be able to view all of this information in one place

Continuous Improvement: The Journey Along the Curve

Remember, it’s okay to acknowledge that some aspects of your process aren’t particularly great. What’s important is that you understand these shortcomings and make improvements. After all, the journey along the Customer Onboarding Maturity Curve is all about continuous improvement and evolution.

In conclusion, understanding and navigating the Customer Onboarding Maturity Curve is an essential part of enhancing your customer onboarding process. By moving from an ad hoc to a proactive approach, you can revolutionise your customer onboarding strategy, provide a superior customer experience, and ultimately drive customer success.

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